1 Hour 1000 Pics

Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow - an eBook by Chris Marquardt

"you won’t be disappointed!"
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How much is your time worth?
Supercharge your Lightroom workflow.
one thousand pictures in one hour!


1. About The Author
2. About This Book
3. Digital Backlog Syndrome
4. Folders vs. Database
5. What’s Holding Us Back?
6. Delete Or Not Delete?
7. Backups
8. Non-Destructive
9. Two Hats
10. Amateur vs. Pro
11. Importing Pictures
12. The Three-Phase-Method
12.1 Phase I - The Quick Sweep
12.2 Phase II - It’s Full Of Stars
12.3 Phase III - Spit & Polish
13. Open Up The Filter
14. Adapt As You Go
15. Clean-Up
16. Getting Your Old Pictures On Board
17. tl;dr
18. Outlook
19. Resources

What you'll get

- 19 chapters, 34 pages
- DRM-free PDF format
- Read on virtually any device

- Audio version of the eBook
- Read by Chris Marquardt

- eBook download (PDF)
- Audiobook download (MP3)

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customer reviews ★★★★★

How is this different from the Discover Lightroom video workshop?

The Discover Lightroom Video Workshop is an all-encompassing Lightroom training session. It covers virtually anything you could ever ask about Lightroom in 6.5 hours of video, from enhancing images to printing books, from geo tagging pictures to exporting them, from adjusting contrasts to working with HDR pictures, you name it.

1 Hour 1000 Pics - Supercharge your Lightroom Workflow focuses on the one key element that is the foundation of everything else in Lightroom: the workflow. It explores and explains why a solid workflow is key and then provides you to the point with a fail-safe method that allows you to quickly boil down that pile of images to the essence, to your very best photos.

Only after you've done that, does it make sense to dive into all the other areas of Lightroom.

About This Book

This book is 100% about the photography workflow in Lightroom, about getting through a lot of pictures in a very short time, about making the right decisions quickly.

This book is for you

  • if you are overwhelmed by the thousands of pictures that have accumulated on your hard drive over the years, unmanaged and in dire need of work
  • if you have stopped taking photos because you can’t bear the thought of adding any more pictures to that huge pile
  • if you’re looking for an elegant way to get some consistency into your workflow and speed things up dramatically
  • if you want to learn to sort, tag, rate and enhance a thousand pictures in only one hour

This book is not for you if you want to learn how to retouch portraits, make landscape pictures pop or create the most breathtaking black-and-white conversions using Lightroom.

Ideally you should be familiar with Lightroom and its basic concepts. To get a head start, check out the Discover Lightroom video workshop as it covers Lightroom in a much broader fasion.

About Chris Marquardt

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Chris is a photographer, a videographer and an educator, based in Hannover, Germany. He's probably best known for Tips from the Top Floor (TFTTF), a weekly podcast about photography and for his weekly appearances on Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy Radio Show. Chris holds workshops and photo tours around the globe, having taken photographers up to all three Mt. Everest Base Camps, having taught in Japan and soon taking photographers to Iceland and India.

Chris was one of the first Lightroom users back in 2007. Since then there have been countless enhancements to the software, but its core hasn’t changed: Adobe Lightroom is a photography hub that has become essential throughout his entire workflow, from importing pictures, managing and sorting them, making enhancements, and even outputting them to all manner of different formats, including slide shows, videos, and web pages.

If he's not working on assignments, teaching or travelling, he plays the bass guitar, or enjoys his other passion, cooking.
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